Hiking in the Santa Catalinas

The Santa Catalina Mountains have the greatest number of hikes in the Tucson area. There are some short hikes, some very long hikes, some great loops, and some wonderful scrambles. Here are a few.

If you are planning on doing several hikes in the Santa Catalina Mountains it’s worth getting the Green Trails Map.

Mount Lemmon Loops

Thimble Peak

Black Gate of Mordor

Soldier Canyon

Molino Canyon

Molino Thimble and Airmen Peak

Molino Ridge

Gibbon Mountain

Seven Cataracts to Windy Point

Guthrie Mountain – bushwhacking

Rattlesnake Peak

Cathedral Rock

Finger Rock Guard

Prominent Point

Pusch Peak

Catalina State Park to Gordon Hirabayashi

Lower Romero Canyon

Links and Other Clicks

Hike Lemmon is a beautiful site with lots of information about hiking in the Santa Catalinas.

Hiking around Tucson

Other Hiking Pages

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