This website is mainly about cycling and hiking. I’m now blogging at Cat World.

5 Most Recent Changes to these Pages

  1. August 20, 2019. Added Cycling in the Gorges du Tarn and theĀ 4-Col Loop in the Chartreuse mountains.
  2. May 27, 2019. Added Gila Monsterette in Silver City and Little Park Road in Grand Junction.
  3. April 19, 2019. Added Sonoita to Parker Canyon Lake.
  4. March 31, 2019. Added Melendrez Pass.
  5. March 18, 2019. Added the Seven Snakes of Silverbell.

The Meat

Cycling Pages

Hiking Pages

My Books and Articles

My Other Web Sites

Cat World. Where I’m currently blogging.

The Happiness Dance. An online graphic book about happiness that I wrote.

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