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A Whirlwind of Inactivity

I haven’t been doing very much, because my life has been a whirlwind of inactivity. There are many things I’ve convinced myself I should be doing. I should ride my bike, lift weights, learn French, learn web software development, write, create art, … Continue reading

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Seeing Things As They Really Are

While doing art classes it’s become obvious how bad I am at seeing things as they really are. In drawing class it was so easy to draw things as I thought they were rather than as they actually were. Getting … Continue reading

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Taking Action – Or Not – Part 3 (Superpowers)

I didn’t expect to have a Part 3, but while reading the Art of Taking Action I found two quotes that reinforce Oliver Burkeman’s quote in Part 1  about having a superpower. Alternatively, they are about maturity. About outgrowing the belief that your feelings dictate your … Continue reading

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Taking Action – Or Not – Part 1

I often feel that I’m not accomplishing very much. When I was working I made pretty good use of my time because time was a limited resource, and I got a fair amount done. But I still felt that I wasn’t … Continue reading

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La casa de Robert Graves

Just outside the cute little town of Deià, with its lovely views of the sea and its many sandy-colored stone buildings, is a house in which the English poet and novelist Robert Graves lived for 52 years. On a sunny day, … Continue reading

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Motivation, part 2: Goals and Sacrifice

Like many people, I have a problem with my weight. I’m not what you would call fat, but my favorite outdoor activities have always involved fighting gravity: rock climbing, hiking up mountains, cycling up hills. So weight has always been … Continue reading

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Motivation, part 1: Obsession

“Actually, I jade very quickly. Once is usually enough. Either once only, or every day. If you do something once it’s exciting, and if you do it every day it’s exciting. But if you do it, say, twice or just … Continue reading

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Artistic Autism

We were standing by the coffee machine at work talking when my friend Cynthia said she thought I was artistic. I was of course flattered and asked her to explain more. Was she saying the software I wrote was artistic? … Continue reading

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It’s pouring rain today but I feel settled and content. For almost a week though, Tanya and I were both very unsettled. We’d flown into Queenstown, New Zealand, and only one of our four bags arrived with us – Tanya’s … Continue reading

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I previously wrote a blog post about wanting to develop some good new habits, and buying several phone apps to help track those habits. I promised that I would review and write about the different apps. Well, I’ve done that. … Continue reading

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