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On The Road Again

It’s hot in Arizona. It’s too hot to ride. It’s time to get out of the heat. It’s also time for a change. Much as I like the cycling around here, it gets boring to keep repeating the same few rides. … Continue reading

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AI and Immortality

I’m sitting around in Bali, feeling bored (1). So it seems an appropriate time to finish writing this article, which I started a while back then put aside. In the last few months I’ve been reading a lot about Artificial Intelligence … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans

My friend Cat told me that she hadn’t seen me smile in a while. We were at a restaurant – and after a few drinks I was definitely smiling and laughing. But I realized she was correct. I haven’t been smiling much. … Continue reading

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Taking Action – Or Not – Part 3 (Superpowers)

I didn’t expect to have a Part 3, but while reading the Art of Taking Action I found two quotes that reinforce Oliver Burkeman’s quote in Part 1  about having a superpower. Alternatively, they are about maturity. About outgrowing the belief that your feelings dictate your … Continue reading

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Taking Action – Or Not – Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, many of the mind problems that plague us are based on social comparison. Thoughts of not accomplishing enough, not being rich enough, not being pretty enough, not having enough interesting experiences, FOMO (fear of … Continue reading

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Friends Who Write Books

I recently finished reading The Broom of God, by my friend John Bragg. A couple of years ago I’d read a book written by another friend, Bernie’s Bar and Girll, by Marc Rochkind. After reading the second book, I started wondering how … Continue reading

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Poetry Arrived in Search of Me

On the recommendation of my friend Marcus, I’ve been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. In the first chapter Gilbert talks about a reclusive poet named Jack Gilbert (no relation). She describes him as a charismatic recluse who could have been famous … Continue reading

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More on Not-Working

I’m still trying to figure out not-working (I’m not ready to call it retirement – see Notes below). We’ve been traveling a lot, which has been great and has allowed me to put off addressing the problem. Travel is easy; it’s self-contained; … Continue reading

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La casa de Robert Graves

Just outside the cute little town of Deià, with its lovely views of the sea and its many sandy-colored stone buildings, is a house in which the English poet and novelist Robert Graves lived for 52 years. On a sunny day, … Continue reading

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Resisting the Infinity Machine

I feel the pull as soon as I pick it up. Normally I don’t have the strength to resist but today I will. Today is when I start the transformation of me. Yesterday Tanya really got on my case about … Continue reading

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