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A Sea of Grass

After my last post about the Earth and Sun, I thought I’d post something I’d previously written about the scale of the Universe. As I said, this stuff fascinates me and boggles my mind. I love the feeling of utter … Continue reading

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An Awe Full Hot Day

On a hot day, one of the things I sometimes think about is how much energy the Sun is putting out. I can’t conceive of this much light and heat from man-made sources. The Sun has been doing this for over 4 … Continue reading

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Seeing Things As They Really Are

While doing art classes it’s become obvious how bad I am at seeing things as they really are. In drawing class it was so easy to draw things as I thought they were rather than as they actually were. Getting … Continue reading

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Eternity is a really long time

“Think of a ball of steel as large as the world, and a fly alighting on it once every million years. When the ball of steel is rubbed away by the friction, eternity will not even have begun.” – The … Continue reading

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