I previously wrote a blog post about wanting to develop some good new habits, and buying several phone apps to help track those habits. I promised that I would review and write about the different apps. Well, I’ve done that. I’ve consolidated the previous post and the app reviews into a single web page. (I’ve also removed the previous post as it’s now redundant.)

Besides the new page about the habit apps, I decided I would also create a page about the habits I’ve decided to adopt and track using the app I chose as my favorite (Goal Streaks).

I wanted to develop some new habits in four areas: physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. I think I’ve got some habits in the first three areas, but am reluctant to start a new habit in the intellectual area. (You might call writing these blog posts intellectual, but my writing is not a habit; I do it when inspired, not on a regular basis.)

The intellectual habit I want to adopt is to write down 10+ ideas a day on some topic. This is something that James Altucher writes a lot about, and writes about it very convincingly. I’m convinced and think it will be incredibly valuable. I’m just scared that I won’t be able to think of 10 ideas. Or come up with a topic to write down 10 ideas about. But I also know that I will start doing this sometime in the near future. When I do, I’ll add it to the My Habits page.

Links and other clicks

Here’s the Habit Apps page where I write about habits and the 6 habit apps I tried.

Here’s the My Habits page where I describe the habits I am now tracking.

James Altucher’s The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine.

My habit tracking app of choice: Goal Streaks.

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