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La casa de Robert Graves

Just outside the cute little town of Deià, with its lovely views of the sea and its many sandy-colored stone buildings, is a house in which the English poet and novelist Robert Graves lived for 52 years. On a sunny day, … Continue reading

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English as the common language

One of the most wonderful experiences of my life happened many years ago when I was doing a big rock climb in Switzerland. My climbing partner and I met and chatted with two Swiss climbers on the route. They spoke … Continue reading

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Wasting time on the Web

I spend far too much time reading interesting articles on the Web. The current moment can be so boring. I mean, nothing is happening, and my mind needs to be occupied. If left to itself my mind ruminates, which is never … Continue reading

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Contented Boredom and Eating

“Rather, he found himself inhabiting the vast, empty plateau where most people live, between boredom and contentment.” – Beautiful Ruins, by Jess Walter In June I rode Ride the Rockies and Bicycle Tour of Colorado. One of my friends on … Continue reading

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Comparisons and Yardsticks

I like to do things, especially difficult physical things. But I try not to compare myself to others. That’s a dangerous game that can lead to disappointment, frustration, and unhappiness, a lesson I learned long ago. But it’s difficult to … Continue reading

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The First Post

I wanted to create a blog about retirement and was going to call it Stumbling into Retirement, as I thought that accurately described my journey. Then I feared I wouldn’t have enough insightful, incisive things to say about retirement. So … Continue reading

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