The First Post

I wanted to create a blog about retirement and was going to call it Stumbling into Retirement, as I thought that accurately described my journey.

Then I feared I wouldn’t have enough insightful, incisive things to say about retirement. So I decided to expand the scope of the blog. Then the problem became what to name it.

One of the (many) things that I do too much of is read online articles and I realized that for me (and, I suspect, many others), this is a real problem. There is so much information on the web, so many interesting articles, so many good writers, that it’s easy to waste one’s life reading, following links, reading, following links, reading.

I realized that if I started writing a blog I would potentially be contributing to this problem – at least, if anyone reads my blog posts. Hence the name, Contributing to the Problem. Naturally I hope that enough people read this blog that I seriously contribute to the problem.

I still intend to write about my stumbling path into retirement and what I’ve learned and done –  both along the way and now that I’m not working. I also intend to write about things that catch my attention or interest.

So please subscribe. Sign up for email notifications of new posts. Just enter your email address over on the right side of the screen. Thank you!

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1 Response to The First Post

  1. Leslie says:

    Just joined your blog and look forward to “Contributing to the Problem!”


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