Road Riding around Tucson

From a cycling perspective, Tucson is most famous for Mount Lemmon, one of the great climbs in the U.S. It’s also well known as a winter cycling destination for people from the cold northern climes.

While Mt Lemmon is the most famous ride in Tucson, there are many other good rides in the area. There is an excellent book about road rides around Tucson, so I generally won’t bother describing the ones in the book.

One ride that distinguishes Tucson from most other cities is The Loop, which consists of a 54 mile loop around the city, and several spurs which can add considerable distance.

Besides the rides out of Tucson, I describe several wonderful rides that involve driving to the start, rides such as Salt River Canyon, the Mining Country Loop, and Parker Canyon Lake.

Map showing the start of the rides below.

Mount Lemmon

Tucson Trifecta: Graham, Lemmon, Kitt

The Steepest Climb in Tucson

The Five Fingers of West Tucson

The Seven Snakes of Silverbell

The Tucson Mountains Inner Loop

The Tucson Mountains Outer Loop

Arivaca Road

Sonoita to Parker Canyon Lake

Fort Huachuca Loop

Salt River Canyon Century

Mining Country Loop

Winkelman to Globe and back

The Loop

Links and Other Clicks

Other Cycling Around Tucson

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