Cycling in Spain

DSCN0707I’ve taken some of the distances and elevations climbed from ClimbByBike. Others are from my Garmin 500. All ride profiles were created with GPS Visualizer.

Many of the roads have useful markers showing how many kilometers there are from the start of the road or to the end of the road. In some of the descriptions I refer to these kilometer markers as KmM.

One sign you will see a lot as you cycle in Spain is “Coto privado de caza” which means “private hunting”. In Catalonia the signs say “Àrea privada de caça”.

Map showing the location of the rides in Spain described in the pages below.

Cycling in Spain: Andalucía – Órgiva

Cycling in Spain: Andalucía – Jaén and Ronda

Cycling in Spain: Andalucía – Cortijos Nuevos

Cycling in Spain: Andalucía – Cómpeta

Cycling in Spain: Girona

Cycling in Spain: Asturias

Cycling in Spain: Mallorca

Cycling in Spain: Gran Canaria

Links and Other Clicks

Cycle Fiesta’s Complete Guide to Cycling Climbs in Spain.

Cycle Fiesta’s 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs in Spain.

Cycle Fiesta does tours in Spain, both guided and unguided.

Michelin Map. A wonderful online map.

ClimbByBike‘s web site where you can see profiles of many, many climbs.

Other Cycling Pages

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