Safford and Panther Peaks


Panther Peak from Safford Peak

It’s been too long since I hiked Safford and Panther to remember all the details, so I’ll just provide some notes here.

Here is a web page describing the way to get there. Here’s a web page that shows more or less the route I took.

I parked at Sanctuary Cove and hiked up along the cove trails until it seemed more sensible to go straight up towards the mountain. I climbed the east face which involved some third class scrambling. Then followed the rocky crest westwards, dropping down to the left in the places that were too difficult to scramble over.

After climbing Panther Peak, I dropped back into the saddle between the two peaks and headed down to the north, then contoured back eastwards to Sanctuary Cove. Back at the cove I came across a lovely little labyrinth that I walked around.


The labyrinth, with Safford Peak in the background

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