Hiking around Tucson

I’ve done a few hikes around Tucson, taking advantage of the cooler winter months. It’s been difficult to find good information about some of the peaks so I thought I’d add some hiking information to this web site in the hope that people will find it through Web searches. For the most part I don’t include hikes that are popular as there are plenty of sources of information about them. For example, Mt Wrightson, Wilderness of Rocks, and Bug Spring are all popular and wonderful hikes for which you can find lots of information elsewhere.

My descriptions tend to be brief as I don’t think people generally need nearly as much information as some guidebooks provide. So here goes.


Map showing the starts of the various hikes and scrambles around Tucson. It shows all the hikes and scrambles listed below and on the other pages (scrambles, Santa Catalinas, Mt Lemmon loops).


I have a separate page that lists scrambles around Tucson that you probably do specifically for the scrambling rather than because the scrambling is required to get to the top.

Santa Catalina Mountains (north)

I have a separate page for hikes in the Santa Catalinas.

Rincon Mountains (east)


Mica Mountain

Tanque Verde Peak

Santa Rita Mountains (south)

McCleary Peak, North Ridge

Mount Wrightson via Florida Canyon

Elephant Head

Tucson Mountains (west)

Cat Mountain and Little Cat Mountain

Golden Gate Mountain

Bushmaster Peak

Safford and Panther Peaks

Other Mountains

Agua Caliente Hill

La Milagrosa and Agua Caliente Canyons


Ragged Top

Tortolita Mountains Loop

Links and Other Clicks

The U.S. Forest Service has a page that lists a huge number of hikes around Tucson.

Debra Van Winegarden’s Earthline website has great descriptions and gorgeos photos of some of these hikes.

Sirena Rana Dufault’s Sirena’s Wanderings is another great website for hikes around Tucson. You’ll have to use the Search function on this site.

Stavros Basis has a pretty amazing site, Stav is Lost, with descriptions and photos of hikes all over the country, including some around Tucson.

Other Hiking Pages

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