Fort Huachuca Loop

Fort Huachuca Loop
A lovely loop from Sonoita through Fort Huachuca that has some of the best riding around Tucson, with steep rollers that constantly twist and turn. 59 miles and 3,340 feet of climbing.

Ft Huachuca Map

Blue=boring, Gray=great

From Sonoita ride about 19 miles east on Highway 82. This section is relatively flat, with very long rollers. Turn right at the traffic light and continue along Hwy 90 for about 9 miles. This section has a good shoulder except for the stretch through Huachuca City. Just after MM 317, at mile 28, turn right on Hatfield Road. This takes you into Fort Huachuca.

You will need a pass to enter Fort Huachuca, and you will have to fill in a form at the Visitor Control Center at the Van Deman Gate, or download one from the Web and bring it with you.

Once past the Van Deman Gate, follow Hatfield Road through Fort Huachuca, then at the Stop sign turn right on Smith Avenue. Follow this, then Backer Road until at mile 31.6 you are out of the built up area and back in the country.

Still inside Fort Huachuca, ride along lovely rolling terrain for 5 miles to the West Gate, then continue for another 4.5 wonderful miles until you reach the T-Junction with Hwy 83 at mile 41.4. Turn right and continue along Hwy 83 back to Sonoita.

The whole section from Fort Huachuca back to Sonoita has some of the best riding around Tucson, with endless rollers that twist and turn. The road surface varies between typical Tucson road to wonderfully smooth. This section makes up for the rather boring first half of the ride.

An alternative ride would be to do an out-and-back along the southern road. This would allow you to ride both ways on the beautiful rollers. However, the West Gate is not manned and you can’t officially enter Fort Huachuca from the west with just a visitor pass. But if you have a visitor pass you can duck under the gate, then if you are stopped by the military police, you can show them your pass and you will be ok. Or so I was told.

Links and Other Clicks

Here’s a page telling you about access to Fort Huachuca, and here’s a page where you can download the access form. If you are a Tucson resident they will give you a pass valid for a year. Otherwise you get a pass for the day.

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