Cycling in the USA

Many of the climbs described in the pages below are listed in the second edition of John Summerson’s book, The Complete Guide to Climbing (by Bike), and if the climb is in Summerson’s top 100 climbs, I’ve shown Summerson’s rating. For example, #14 means Summerson rates the climb as the 14th hardest in the U.S.

Map showing the location of the rides in the USA described in the pages below. The rides around Tucson are not included as they are available from the page about cycling around Tucson.

Cycling around Tucson

Cycling in Arizona

Cycling in California

Cycling in California: Eastern Sierra

Cycling in Colorado

Cycling in Hawaii

Cycling in Idaho

Cycling in Nevada

Cycling in New Mexico

Cycling in Oregon

Cycling in Utah

Cycling in Washington

Cycling in Wyoming

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