Spain: Andalucía – Cómpeta

May, 2018

B3ECB550-8832-4C7A-B85D-323903BC2BEEWe were in Andalucía in April and May of 2018, planning on doing a lot of riding. Unfortunately a nagging hamstring injury prevented much riding since much of the riding is steep, and my hamstring never recovered. So we changed our focus to hiking.

In doing so, and in staying in several different towns, we got to drive over quite a few roads that we would love to have ridden. I did ride a few before giving up on cycling, and Tanya rode some other ones. But since we didn’t ride enough to warrant much description, I’ve chosen to just mark up a few pictures of maps with climbs that we liked. This way if you are reading this, you’ll have an idea of which are some of the good roads to ride.

I called this page Cómpeta even though some of the rides start in different places, because this is one of the nicest towns in the area – up away from the coast, pretty, lots of English speaking people, and good cycling in the area.

On the maps I’ve mainly shown the climbs and it’s generally worth making them into loops by including the flatter terrain between them.


A is the A-7206 from Algarrobo-Costa up to Cómpeta. Very twisty.

B is other main road up to Cómpeta, up the A-7207 from Torrox. I enjoyed this one more than the A-7206.

C is a lovely loop between Cómpeta, Archez, the hill up towards Salares, and Canillas de Albaida. It’s about 10 km with some super steep sections and is fun both ways.

D is the road between Velez-Malaga and Archez. It has lots of climbing and also some big descents.

E is the road between Torrox and Frigiliana. Leaving Torrox the road is pretty rough and varies between asphalt and concrete but as you get closer to Frigiliana the road becomes lovely and smooth.

F is the road up from Nerja to Frigiliana. It’s not very long but worth doing as part of a loop.


G is the wonderful rolling road from Archez past Canillas de Aceituno and down to the A-356. It’s great riding either way and is best done as a loop from Velez-Malaga. If I could only do the loop one way I’d probably do the loop counter-clockwise, going up D, along G, then down the A-7205 into Velez-Malaga.


I is a lovely climb up the A-402 to the impressive cleft of Ventas de Zafarraya. The road getting to the A-402 can unfortunately be quite busy with fast moving vehicles.


J is a beautiful road from the coast up the MA-3203 to Cajiz then Iznate, then Benamocarra.

K is a a lovely long road from Rincón de la Victoria through Benagalbón, Moclinejo, el Borge, Cútar, and Benamargosa.

L starts in Triana, goes along through Benamargosa then turns left on the MA-3105 and climbs steeply at first up to the spectacular hilltop town of Comares.

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