June 2018

KmM = Kilometer Marker

Although we intended to do a lot of cycling in France in 2018, plans were abandoned because of a nagging hamstring injury that wouldn’t heal, and we changed the focus to hiking.

B1B62DF8-E227-4B17-98F5-8ECA3637A3C1However, we still paid attention to the cycling wherever we were, and after staying in Peille and Sospel in the Maritime Alps to the northeast of Nice, we definitely want to come back with bikes.

We picked up a brochure in the Tourist Office which shows several loops in the area. Having driven over many of these roads we really want to come back to the area and ride the loops.

Here’s a link to the brochure online.

I can’t guarantee this will always work, so here are the instructions for finding the brochure, from the brochure itself.

  • Go to
  • Select “Envie d’Alpes-Maritime”
  • Select “Découverte Touristique”
  • Select “Envie de balade à vélo”
  • Select “Alpes-Maritime à vélo”
  • Select the link under “Boucles sportif”

And okay, I downloaded the brochure in 2018 and you can find the version I downloaded here.

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