Redisplaying the original blog posts

Originally, before I decided to focus this website on cycling and hiking, it was a blog named Contributing to the Problem. Then I decided to change its focus to cycling and hiking, and made it a website with static pages rather than a website with scrolling blog posts. Then I realized that Contributing to the Problem was a rather dumb name for a website focused on cycling and hiking so I changed the name to Cycle Uphill.

When changing from blog posts to static pages, I removed access to the old blog posts. I also deleted all the images associated with the blog posts—probably to save storage space.

Now, after someone commented on one of these inaccessible blog posts (inaccessible from the website, but presumably Google still has references to them), I’ve decided to make the posts visible again. Because I removed all the associated images, the existing posts are now all pure text.

Note that the original posts are all over six years old. Note also that I’m currently blogging at Cat World—if you can call the comics a blog.

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