No Facebook for a Month

NoFacebookI won’t be looking at Facebook for a month. It’s part of my program to not spend waste so much time on the Internet. I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Or rather, a “I don’t exist if I don’t get lots of Likes” – “Facebook gives me a false sense of friendships” relationship with Facebook. So I decided to do a 30 day experiment and live without Facebook for the month of April. My blog posts will still get on Facebook because WordPress takes care of the posting, but I won’t see any Facebook comments. However, I will still see comments made to the blog post. I appreciate the suggestions and insights written in response to my previous post.

I’m also creating some rules (1) around my iPhone/computer/Internet use.

  1. I can check my email in the morning and respond to critical emails. All other email will be dealt with in the evening.
  2. I can use the computer or phone at any time for weather forecasts, directions, timetables, looking for hotels, etc. I.e., things I need to do for general living.
  3. I can schedule projects on the computer/Internet – things like writing a blog post, creating web pages about hikes and bike rides, learning a language. I have to remain within the time I’ve scheduled; that way I can spend predictable time with Tanya. I also have to write down the schedule – if I don’t write it down I can’t track whether I’m following the rule (2).
  4. I get 1.5 hours in the evening after dinner to reply to emails and read news and articles on the Internet – except no Facebook.

All these rules are subject to change as experience dictates 🙂

(1) I like rules. I find it easier to be black and white about things I want to do than to have shades of gray. This is a good subject for a future post.

(2) You’ll notice that I’ve written down the rules so I can easily see if I’m following them. The subject of measuring and tracking is a good subject for a future post.

Links and Other Clicks

In my previous post I mentioned an article by someone who had tried to give up his smartphone but realized that the phone is not just a conduit to the Internet, but is also a single replacement for a whole set of other devices that he would otherwise be carrying. Here’s the link again to the article. This note pertains to rule 2 above.



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1 Response to No Facebook for a Month

  1. Paula says:

    Hey Alec–I like rules myself. Am always making new ones to try to improve myself.
    Raymond thinks I am crazy!
    But I think if things are bugging you, it’s good to try and change, and that is hard to do without imposing rules. Otherwise the change never seems to happen.
    So, good for you, and good luck. Change of habits is hard.


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