I have a lot of non-blog web pages, mainly about cycling and hiking, and there’s no easy way to see what is new. So I’m keeping a list of the most recent pages here.

    1. 2/20/17. Restructured the cycling pages so they are primarily by area rather than year.
    2. 12/11/16. Cycling Box Canyon.
    3. 11/15/16. Cycling Road Trip 2016. Added section on San Diego.
    4. 10/29/16. Mining Country Loop (updated with counter-clockwise direction)
    5. 9/27/16. Cycling in the Eastern Sierra.
    6. 9/12/16. Cycling Road Trip 2016.
    7. 1/30/16. Travel in New Zealand (updated with Lessons section)
    8. 12/18/15. Hiking Molino Thimble and Airmen Peak
    9. 11/29/15. Hiking Palisades – Box Camp Loop
    10. 11/23/15. Hiking Finger Rock Guard
    11. 11/20/15. Hiking Bear Canyon – Esperero Canyon Loop
    12. 11/17/15. Hiking Aqua Caliente
    13. 11/13/15. Hiking Tanque Verde Ridge
    14. 10/26/15. Cycling Mt Lemmon Control Road (updated)

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