Things Change

Today Tanya and I head to New Zealand for 3 months, then back to Tucson for a few days, then on to Europe for 4 months. But this was not the original plan. Things change.

Our original plan was based on not knowing where we wanted to live. After Boulder, Tucson seemed too big and spread out. I’d done most of the hikes and bike rides I’d wanted to do around here and we were wondering where might be a better place to live.

gironaWe’d heard about Girona, Spain. It’s a mecca for cycling and is the base for quite a few pro cyclists. It’s a town of about 100,000, about the size of Boulder, with a very cute downtown area that has a river flowing through it. Maybe that would be a place to try living. So we thought we’d live in Girona for a year to experience it in all its seasons.

We didn’t want to start in winter so we planned to go there in May. That meant deciding where to go for the first few months of 2015 as our lease expired at the end of 2014. We toyed with South America, then gave Mexico serious consideration. We love Puerto Vallarta and thought that might be a good place to live for a few months. Or San Miguel Allende, an artistic town which has a sizable expat community, although no great outdoor opportunities.

WanakaThen a friend suggested New Zealand so we looked into that and decided to go there. Beautiful countryside, great  hiking and cycling, they speak English – even if they drive on the wrong side of the road 🙂

Our friend recommended Wanaka and Nelson as being great places to visit, so we decided to spend six weeks in each town, with side excursion from our base.

The we started wondering about Girona. Did we really want to commit to a whole year there? Perhaps we should go there for 6 weeks and see if we liked it. Which meant we could go and ride mountains in France and Italy for the rest of the summer. The 6 weeks in Girona would tell us if we wanted to come back after the summer and live there for the winter.

sa colabraThen I saw a magazine with photos of cycling in Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain. The roads looked so seductive that we decided we’d spend two weeks in southern Spain, two weeks in Mallorca, and two weeks in Girona. Slowly a long stay in Girona was being sidelined by a desire to visit other places in Spain.

Then two weeks before leaving for New Zealand we impetuously bought a home in Tucson. Our new home has eliminated any thoughts of spending the winter in Girona. Things change.

We are now thinking about spending time next year doing the Shikoku Pilgrimage, a 1,200 km loop around the island of Shikoku in Japan, which visits 88 different temples. But things change.

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4 Responses to Things Change

  1. Hollis says:

    Have a wonderful time and be safe. We will look forward to periodic updates from your travels and journey. Things change, yes, and will continue to. Maybe you’ll find somewhere you want to land for a while but there’s no reason to decide that now. It probably feels good to have a home and low overhead. Cheers to you both and lots of love.


  2. What a great problem to have. The world is big and full of possibilities. Don’t let your head explode pondering all the choices.


  3. Pam says:

    Sounds like you guys win either way! I’m jealous! 🙂


  4. my friend kathy crary says:

    your new home and your new friend are so right. You have your great
    adventure and I will have mine which if people have seen the home and
    what was left is great–remember different strokes for different folks.
    by the way–that bike was awesome. to put things in perspective–
    they never showed the 14′ by 20′ shed because there was no room to take
    a picture and you both are traveling New Zealand and I’m traveling your
    shed. I love you both and it is so much fun5r4 in your amazing new home and
    a hub for like people. my friend Kathy


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